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Tot. Ep. # Title Original Airdate Production Code Media
127 801 Road to the Multiverse September 27, 2009 7ACX06 Links (22)

Brian and Stewie go on another road trip through alternate universes using a special remote control. Including a post-apocalyptic world, a parallel world run by dogs where humans are pets, and the Robot Chicken universe.

128 802 Family Goy October 4, 2009 7ACX01 Links (16)

After finding a lump on her breast, Lois goes to the doctor to get it tested. Thankfully, the tests come back benign. However, the doctor looks into her family medical history and reveals that Lois is actually Jewish. Peter is eager at first for this new change, but after being visited by the ghost of his father, he changes his tune.

129 803 Spies Reminiscent of Us October 11, 2009 7ACX03 Links (23)

Spies Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase move into Cleveland's old house, while Brian and Stewie wind up in Russia following them.

130 804 Brian's Got a Brand New Bag November 8, 2009 7ACX02 Links (20)

When Brian starts dating an older woman named Rita, he becomes the laughing stock of the family. Things get worse however when Brian's date breaks her hip and Brian has to take care of her.

131 805 Hannah Banana November 8, 2009 7ACX05 Links (16)

Stewie scores tickets to a Hannah Montana concert and discovers a surprising secret about the singer. Meanwhile, Chris captures the Evil Monkey that's been living in his closet.

132 806 Quagmire's Baby November 15, 2009 7ACX04 Links (36)

Peter finds a baby who resembles Quagmire, and uses a Ham Radio to communicate with the ghost of Ronald Reagan, while Stewie clones himself.

133 807 Jerome is the New Black November 22, 2009 7ACX08 Links (45)

Upset that Cleveland left the group of friends to move to Stoolbend, Virginia, Peter, Quagmire and Joe decide to interview potential friends to fill the vacancy. Meanwhile, Brian discovers that Quagmire hates him.

134 808 Dog Gone November 29, 2009 7ACX07 Links (27)

After much anticipation, Brian receives an invitation to an award ceremony celebrating his novel entitled Faster Than the Speed of Love, by the Rhode Island Society for Special Literary Excellence, convincing him that he is a great writer, until he discovers that the all the members of the book-reading club awarding him are mentally retarded.

135 809 Business Guy December 13, 2009 7ACX11 Links (41)

Peter gives Lois' father, Carter Pewterschmidt, the bachelor party he never had, ultimately causing him to slip into a coma, that not even Dr. House, voiced by Hugh Laurie, is able to bring him out of. Lois is then given control and ownership of Pewterschmidt Industries, and Peter convinces her to let him run the company instead.

136 810 Big Man on Hippocampus January 3, 2010 7ACX09 Links (35)

When Peter hits his head and suffers amnesia, he forgets everything about his life, including his family and friends. In an attempt to try to bring back his memory, Lois decides to reintroduce Peter to his old self, until he begins to hit on other women, much to Lois's dismay. She decides to take the kids and leave Peter, giving Quagmire the opportunity to score with Lois. Peter now must prove to Lois he can remember her and make himself worthy of her again.

137 811 Dial Meg for Murder January 31, 2010 7ACX12 Links (24)

Brian gets a job writing about the average American girl for a teen magazine. When he starts following Meg for research, he discovers that she fell in love with a man in jail named Luke.

138 812 Extra Large Medium February 14, 2010 7ACX14 Links (37)

When Brian and Stewie go missing for several days, Lois is at her wits' end until she sees a psychic who assures her they are safe. Even after the boys return home, Lois and Peter's psychic obsession continues, and Peter takes it a step too far when he starts charging neighbors for his extrasensory perception. Meanwhile, Chris develops a crush on a girl at school.

139 813 Go Stewie Go March 14, 2010 7ACX15 Links (32)

Stewie pulls a "Tootsie" in order to star in the American version of Jolly Farm Revue. Meanwhile, Peter makes Lois feel bad about her age, and she gets a bit jealous of Meg's new boyfriend.

140 814 Peter-assment March 21, 2010 7ACX16 Links (43)

Peter becomes the target of sexual lust by his boss at the Pawtucket Brewery, Angela. Continually refusing to have relations with her, Peter attempts to avoid Angela, but she fires him and attempts suicide, leaving him with no other choice but to acknowledge her deep-rooted sexual desire.

141 815 Brian Griffin's House of Payne March 28, 2010 7ACX13 Links (38)

Brian discovers an old script he had written, and decides to pitch the show to television executives. The show is quickly and dramatically altered by James Woods, however, much to Brian's frustration. Meanwhile, Chris and Meg attempt to hide Stewie's unconsciousness after they knock him down a flight of stairs.

142 816 April in Quahog April 11, 2010 7ACX18 Links (48)

Quahog 5 announces that the world is about to be sucked into a black hole. The Griffin family attempts to live out their last day as best as possible, with Peter revealing his secret dislike of being in his children's presence seconds before the world is expected to end. Quahog 5 reveals that it was all an April Fools joke, however, with Peter left to attempt to win back his children's respect.

143 817 Brian & Stewie May 2, 2010 7ACX20 Links (40)

Brian and Stewie get locked in a bank vault, and they react to being locked in a small space together with no baby food or martinis to keep them from losing their minds while they hatch an escape plan.

144 818 Quagmire's Dad May 9, 2010 7ACX19 Links (33)

Quagmire gets the surprise of his life on Mother's Day, when his father starts to go through the change of his life (a sex change.)

145 819 The Splendid Source May 16, 2010 7ACX17 Links (23)

Peter, Joe and Quagmire embark on a quest to find the source of the dirtiest joke in the world. Their journey leads them to Virginia where they see their old friend Cleveland and meet his new family, despite having attended his wedding in the series premiere of The Cleveland Show.

146 820 Something, Something, Something, Dark Side May 23, 2010 6ACX21/ 6ACX22 Links (38)

As the Griffin family is watching television, the power suddenly goes out once again, leaving Peter to decide to retell the story of The Empire Strikes Back.

147 821 Partial Terms of Endearment June 20, 2010 7ACX10 Links (2)

Lois decides to become a surrogate mother for an old friend she knew in college. The friend passes away during Lois's pregnancy, however, causing Lois to have to decide whether to abort the baby, or wait for it to be born, and put it up for adoption.